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A Brand New House

Posted by on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 11:03am.

Dear readers,

Going through a new build process can be strenuous and stressful and also rewarding. Building a house from the ground up takes 6-8 months and it's typically on the longer side of things. Between permitting, rain, and herding contractors, delays are inevitable. Alas! When all is said and done, you have a brand new home with your selections and personal touches to add. That's what Ajith and his family did and while his belongings sat in storage and he slept on an air mattress, Milestone worked as fast as they could to get his house up. Following is the succession of progress and process.


"So wonderful to see your family today, perfect weather day too! I am so glad your family is excited and anxious to live here, I know my construction team is doing all they can to build your home well and in a timely manner. The foundation is poured, and the framing materials are delivered, we should see “sticks in the air” by Monday." -James @Milestone

"The frame has been installed, next will be wrapped with cornice and roof decking. The materials are there ready to be installed." -James @Milestone

"We are installing your siding, windows, cornice dry in wrap, and roof decking. Next will be roof shingles and start mechanicals or interior plumbing, electrical, & HVAC. The good thing is there will be very little construction you will have to deal with when you do close. We are moving forward on your home." - James @Milestone

"Rainy day today, please be careful if you visit, the streets are slick. Your update is we completed cornice, siding, window, and roof decking installation. Next will be the mechanicals stage for installing electric, plumbing, HVAC, and low voltage." -James @Milestone

"We insulated, sheetrock has been delivered and will be installed this week." -James @Milestone

"Happy New Year! Your update is they did seal, tape, float the drywall. And textured. We are awaiting the delivery of your doors and trim.

Construction is off today, but I will meet with them in the morning to discuss your closing date.

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2017!" -James @Milestone


" Construction has guaranteed 2/27 closing at 1pm, and will do their best to close 2/24 if possible. So the current orientation walk is scheduled for 10am. Your update is tile install was completed, the stone masonry install is going on, electrical & HVAC install is going in. The countertops were installed. Next week wood flooring, backsplash, electrical meter, and plumbing set-outs." -James @Milestone

"Good progress this week: The exterior masonry was installed, I will be asking about the column. The final grade, organic soil, and irrigation was installed. The subway tile kitchen backsplash was installed, so we passed electrical inspection. The wood floors were installed. I was at the house today, the plumbing set out was installed, and so was the sod and landscaping. Next week will be electrical meter, final bath glass, carpet, and fencing.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday" -James @Milestone

"Your home looks amazing! Skyler corrected the column, and they also stained the door and trim, it looks awesome! The carpet and appliances were installed. The landscaping was completed. We got the electrical meter. The granite was replaced so it does not have a hole in the granite. Next week will be final home automation items, final inspections, and gas meter. The whole week will be for Quality Assurance walks, the final walk is on 2/21. That is why Skyler is unable to move your closing date, so sorry about that, but I know Skyler will have the house completed well." -James @Milestone

"Perry, thank you for introducing me to Ajith. It was a pleasure to help him and his daughter, Avantika, pick their lot and floor plan this weekend. Easton Park is a fantastic community and will prove to be a good investment for Ajith and his wife, Manju who will join them later this year. Let's hope construction moves along!" -Amanda @TOWERS realty

Considering building a new house or buying in a planned community? Call me first. Every builder's contract is different; reservation fees, escrow, and concessions vary location to location. Allow me to work with you from the beginning to make clear and informed decisions along the way. 

Amanda Beck


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