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At least that is what BIG ASS Canvas told us...

This Thursday, May 11th, Austin Social Affair will throw a Spring Social at the BIG ASS Canvas gallery located at 440 W 2nd St. We have on good authority there will be some awesome people to mingle with! So stop in and buy your mom some art! She said so!

Tickets can be purchased here. 

Happy Mother's day to all you mamas out there! 

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Wednesday was, at last, the day of our annual team event! The anticipation began building back in January when we booked with local boat tour company Capital Cruises. For two hours, we cruised around Lady Bird Lake and was a total delight!

Surprisingly, for a boat full of Austinites, the majority of us had never participated in a tour on the lake! It was such a neat experience and we could not recommend Capital Cruises enough to host your personal or company event. The crew was friendly and accommodated us in every way necessary. 

Beyond the phenomenal staff, they offer great catering options ranging from Fajitas to New York Strip Steaks, as well as an array of on-board entertainment. You can have a Capital Cruises Casino Night! Since our event took

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Dear readers,

Going through a new build process can be strenuous and stressful and also rewarding. Building a house from the ground up takes 6-8 months and it's typically on the longer side of things. Between permitting, rain, and herding contractors, delays are inevitable. Alas! When all is said and done, you have a brand new home with your selections and personal touches to add. That's what Ajith and his family did and while his belongings sat in storage and he slept on an air mattress, Milestone worked as fast as they could to get his house up. Following is the succession of progress and process.


"So wonderful to see your family today, perfect weather day too! I am so glad your family is excited and anxious to live here, I know

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The East Sixth area is hot and has been for a minute. And Maggie Louise Confections, with its flagship located on the ground floor of the Corazon Apartments, has certainly taken advantage of everything going on by opening a decadent boutique to attract passers-by. A retired attorney, Maggie has created some of the most sought after confections in Austin. Her motto in life: #LoveWhatYouDo. We'll go ahead and also #LoveWhatWeEat while we're noshing on these yummy treats!

The store is offering daily tours at 4PM from March 10th - 17th. If you’re in the neighborhood for South-By festivities or have kids out of school for spring break and want to create a special outing, come into Maggie Louise Confections at 1017 East 6th Street for a glimpse at how

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Buying a home has many moving parts.  One item to consider during your purchase is the home warranty.  Below you will find some basic info about what a home warranty is and some considerations to be aware of when choosing a home warranty.

What is a home warranty, and should I get one?

Simply put, a home warranty is a contract for repair and replacement of the basic appliances, components, and systems within a home. (like your dishwasher, microwave, central A/C unit, ductwork, etc.) And yes, generally, we recommend that our clients get one.  Customarily, the seller will give buyer a credit in the contract to purchase their home, but even in the event that you are not able to negotiate this item in the contract as a buyer, it’s probably still a

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    Where to find urban-esque neighborhoods with houses for sale under $300k:  
  • NE Austin - University Hills/Windsor 
  • North Austin - Parmer Lane, Braker Lane 
  • SE Austin - Riverside/Oltorf/Parker Lane
  • Farther SE Austin - Easton Park
University Hills/Windsor Park is northeast of downtown. It's inside of Hwy 183 and south of 290. University Hills is a tamer version of the hip east side with many homes already updated. Cruise downtown in under 20 minutes via Manor Road or MLK Boulevard and enjoy the neighborhood streets flanked with mature trees and shade.    Lamplight Village is a neighborhood located immediately north of Parmer Lane which I consider to be the city's northern boundary. It's a local's…
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Orlando, FL - I have made the pilgrimage to join my mom, a Montana Realtor, and 20,000 others for 7 consecutive years at the National Association of Realtors annual convention. There are classes, keynote speakers, state parties, celebrity concerts, autographs, inaugurations, auctions, and the Realtor Flea Market Bazaar (the exposition). To make the experience great, there are old friends, influential leadership, and NAR’s economist, Dr. Lawrence Yun, saying we have more good years to come!

Realtors and affiliates alike are here to protect the American Dream. “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" -James Adams. For many Americans that dream is represented by owning a

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Beth Aubry toured her house for the first time on Facetime, made her offer from California, and changed lenders last minute. Her experience was anything but typical, yet she is now a happy homeowner in Texas! In fact, despite living in San Francisco and purchasing in Austin, she closed with a mobile notary in Santa Fe, New Mexico! This woman was willing to do anything it took to accomplish a life-long goal. Notably, Elizabeth Aubry is one of the power women I have been speaking of.

When I asked Beth to write a review, I did not expect her to draft such a fabulous piece of marketing. Practicing a transparent business means being frank with you and how I came to own such a considerate review. 

Upon touring her house for the first time,

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Eastside home seekers, look no further. I know of three new developments in 78702 which are due for completion late this year and early next year. I have taken two clients through the reservation process at 2 out of 3 of the developments. 

A reservation is accomplished by signing a basic document which locks in your unit number and sales price. Making a reservation is easy and the reservation fee is 100% FULLY REFUNDABLE. Reservation dollar amount will vary per development (approx. $5k or 10-15% of sales price).

Call or email me for more information! 512-539-9736 


Note: There are more than 3 developments going up on the eastside. These are the three I've been working with lately. 

  • East 5th Condos
  • The Chicon
  • Fourth &

There is also

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This occurred to me whilst attending a '#BossBabes' meet-up a couple weeks back. Until then, it had not dawned on me that 4 out of 5 of my most recent real estate transactions are independent women, purchasing independently!   The home buying becomes 5 out of 6 when including myself, a single woman. Based on my income, my diligence, and my decision, I closed on a mortgage for my very own house.    Homeownership is the American Dream and is alive and well today. Millennials are coming to an age of maturity and stability, with an interest in seeing out the same goal their parents had 30 years ago.   Home ownership is an achievement that says, “I’ve made it.” And when you purchase your second, third, fourth property it says, “I…
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